Medical / Health and Life Insurance

Finding the right fit for your employees

At Simurgh, we tailor independent employee insurance advice and partner you with trusted insurers.

In addition to providing cover for critical illness, income protection and corporate travel and expatriate insurance; we specialise in workplace medical/health insurance.

Taking a flexible, personal and devoted approach to our clients, we get to know you and your employees, making it our mission to find the best medical/health insurance fit for your company and team.

Keeping you in the loop

To keep you in the loop, and avoid any uncertainties, we’re readily available for any questions or concerns you may have.

We also provide thorough information packets to ensure your employees understand what they’re covered for.

After meeting you face-to-face, and gaining an understanding of your business and employees, we tailor a workplace insurance plan to ensure your employees are protected and left feeling supported.

Medical/health and life insurance

We provide a range of ‘domestic’ medical/health and life insurance plans, covering New Zealand residents and citizens and those who are entitled to publicly funded health and disability services.

Subject to appropriate eligibility criteria being met, some of the insurers we partner clients with will also offer cover for qualifying pre-existing medical conditions.

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Personalised medical/health insurance: your choices

At Simurgh, we value diversity, recognising that each of our clients have differing insurance needs.

Taking an individualised approach to the brokerage process, we fit a plan to meet your employees' specific needs.

As a guideline, we offer workplace medical/health insurance plans for these main areas:

  • ‘Big ticket’ cover: major medical/health insurance plans that focus on covering high-cost items such as cancer treatment and surgery.

  • Comprehensive cover: detailed health plans that include big ticket cover, but also provide cover for everyday medical costs, including GP visits, prescription costs, optometry, and dentistry.

Unsure of the best insurance plan for your employees?

We’d love to hear from you. Talk to us today about your options.

Are your employees non-citizens or non-residents?

At Simurgh, we can take care of a range of insurance needs. Find out more.