Medical / travel insurance for international health professionals working in New Zealand

Comprehensive medical / travel insurance is strongly recommended for all people (working, studying or visiting New Zealand), who are not eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.

It is also recommended for those who do not have NZ permanent residency, as they are not able to stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

Reasons include:

  • To ensure people have access to sufficient funds to pay for any unexpected medical treatments including high cost acute care.
  • In case people need to be evacuated and repatriated back home to their country of origin. Cost example: Air ambulance from New Zealand to the USA, USD 180,000 – USD 250,000.
  • Family reunification, if a person becomes seriously ill through sickness or injury (or dies). The benefit includes return flights to New Zealand for two people, daily accommodation and living costs, cash assistance for meals, taxi fares etc.

Comprehensive inbound travel / medical insurance not only provides superior cover for high cost treatments, detailed above, it also includes excellent cover for less expensive medical expenses such as GP visits and prescriptions, specialist visits, multiple MRI and CT scans, x-rays and diagnostic tests, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment and emergency dental treatment.

Because the plans are medical / travel plans they cover travel insurance benefits like loss / theft of documents (passport, airline tickets), theft of money, disruption to travel, loss of deposits, personal liability and cover for personal effects if desired.

In addition the plans provide travel cover for 9 days whilst in transit between the person’s home country and New Zealand (irrespective of the number of trips), and for up to 31 days travel cover (per trip) to Australia and the South West Pacific.

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