Employee Insurance for Non-Citizens and Non-Residents

Providing inpatriate medical and travel insurance for all employees

At Simurgh, we recognise that many businesses have a diverse employee base, so we also offer advice and cover on travel and medical/health insurance for employees who are not entitled to publicly funded health and disability services.

We can help you cover employees who come under the non-citizen or non-resident bracket, including those who may be on short-term visas.

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Medical/health and travel insurance benefits: a valuable point of difference to attract international talent

For businesses looking to expand their business and attract international talent, ensuring your company provides inpatriate insurance for non-citizens and non-residents is a valuable point of difference.

At Simurgh, we arrange a variety of non-citizen and non-resident insurance options which we can tailor to your business to help you stand out from competitors.

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What we can help you with

When it comes to inpatriate insurance for non-citizens and non-residents, here’s what we can do:

  • Review, improve and/or expand your current insurance plan
  • Provide recommendations, guidance and advice on a new plan
  • Tailor insurance schemes and programmes to fit your business
  • Provide medical and travel benefits that your employees will love

Looking to attract international talent?

At Simurgh, we’ll arrange you an inpatriate insurance scheme that’ll make your business shine!

Want to know more about our insurance plans?

At Simurgh, we create a range of insurance plans.