Consulting and Reviews

More than just insurance advice

In the aim to enhance employee benefits in your business, we provide personalised, and educated insurance advice, reviews and assessment.

Our approach

Our consultation service begins with an appraisal of your company’s current insurance schemes, liaising with you and your employees to design you a new and improved employee benefit programme.

As an insurance advisor company founded on over 30 years of experience, Simurgh takes the brokerage service to the next level – providing a comprehensive service while guiding and leading you through the consultation journey.

hands with pens and devices consulting on insurance

Our step-by-step consultation process

Working with you, we will deliver an individualised and thorough review and revision of your company’s employee insurance scheme.

From there, we will tailor you an independent and revitalised scheme to fit your requirements.

Assess, plan, implement

1. Assess and review:

With an independent and in-depth analysis, we review your company’s current employee benefits programme; taking note of room for improvement (where applicable), all the while considering your individual queries and requirements.

2. Plan and create

After assessing your current scheme, and gaining a sound understanding of your employees, we will work together to tailor your company a valuable medical insurance scheme with employee benefits that will shine.

3. Introduce and implement:

In the final stage, we will assist you with introducing and implementing your new scheme into your company. With an ongoing relationship and detailed employee information packages, we will guide you through every step.

Looking to revise your company’s medical insurance scheme?

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